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How to Choose the Right Fitness Clothes

fitness clothingIf you’re looking to fitness to help you regain a good level of health, proper apparel will help you achieve your goals. Preparation is the key to success, and there’s a reason that so many fitness companies have offerings of many different types of apparel. Depending on the type of exercise you plan to do, the correct clothing can help you by eliminating distraction and even eliminating pain if you’re doing the same repeated movements. The correct apparel goes beyond shoes, though they are vitally important. Pants and tops in appropriate fabrics can do a world of good in helping you achieve your goals. Here are just a few ways the correct apparel can help you.

If you’re only running short distances, general loose-fitting workout wear will meet your needs. However, if you plan to run any distance over five miles, you may want to invest in some good running clothes to eliminate chafing and rubbing from repeated movements. In pants, tight fitting, synthetic fabrics that are also breathable work best. You’ll likely want a controlled fit. For tops, you’ll also want close-fitting options that are cotton-free but breathable. Depending on where you live, it will be helpful to have both long-sleeved and short-sleeved options. The Clymb offers discounts of up to 70% off retail on high-quality fitness apparel.

One of the most difficult aspects of cycling can be your relationship with your bike seat. Soft seats and saddles can only do so much with those long-distance trails or extra-intense spin classes. Invest in shorts of pants that have a bit of padding in the seat and crotch area to give you more comfort. If you invest in cycling pants, you’ll want some that are stretchy, breathable, and have tight-fitting ankles to prevent the hem from getting caught in your bike chain.

Depending on the type of yoga you prefer, most fitness clothing will suffice. You can wear cottons into yoga classes – just make sure your clothes fit tightly enough for the instructor to see your positions through them and help adjust as necessary. If you’re doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga), cotton will become soaked and heavy very quickly, so invest in breathable fabrics that dry quickly.

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Nurture Your Body: Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

pain relief With the face-paced, hardworking, office job culture we have, more people than ever are experiencing back pain because of stress, sitting at a desk, and not having enough time to properly care for ourselves. More than ever, it’s important for each individual to cut out some time from their day to exercise.

Exercise helps loosen up the muscles that cause you the most pain, it increases dopamine levels, which help you feel better, and it helps manage weight. Exercise may also help you sleep better at night, which helps your body restore itself. Even if you can’t commit to an intense workout routine, it’s important to give your back what it needs to release the stress it holds and ease the pain. Here are a few great yoga positions to help you do so.

Reclining Twist

For this exercise, you’ll want to wear some comfortable yoga clothes that allow you to move freely without pulling. Sweaty Betty has some great examples of what to look for. Lie on your back and bend your knees with your feet a hip-distance apart and feet flat on the floor. Your heels should be about 4-6 inches away from your rear. Let your arms lay at your sides, even with your shoulders, with your palms facing up. Lift your hips and move them slightly left, setting your hips off center. Inhale, and draw your knees to your chest. As you exhale, lower your knees to the right, being sure to keep them in line with your hips. Look left with your head. Hold for six to eight beats before returning your knees and hips to center and repeating on the opposite side. You should feel a stretch in your lower back.

Fists Forward Bend

This pose feels terrific and requires a dramatic forward bend, so you may want to consider wearing a sports bra or yoga pants to keep everything in place and allow your body to bend without inhibition. Stand on a yoga mat with your feet a hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees so they don’t lock, and bend your torso over your legs until your belly touches your thighs. If you can’t bend quite that far, it’s okay – just do your best. Make two fists and place them in the opposite elbow creases. Relax your back, neck, and head, and squeeze your fists. You’ll feel your back muscles open after just a few breaths.

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