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Kat’s organic baby food review, Nov16

Part of naturally eating is eating organic. My family tries to incorporate as much organic foods and snacks into their everyday as much as possible. We are exposed to so many toxins, at home, on or walks and everywhere we go. Beyond our home and the products we use on our hair and skin, we have very little control over toxins. What we do have more control over, is what we put in our body. The more natural, the better. Fresh, locally grown, organic produce is always #1 on my list, but when it comes to snacking and eating on the go with a hungry baby, Kat has some very good advice below on over-the-counter foods you can pick up today. Hope you enjoy Kat’s organic food review for November 16th! :)

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From Kat: I really love Ella’s Kitchen and so does William. I did leave out some information so I’ll add them here.

Ella’s Kitchen is all organic. They even have some Gluten Free, Lactose Free, and Vegetarian products as well.
You can even recycle your used pouches and caps and it will be turned into unique products.

On their website, you can see all the products and all their flavors. I highly suggest you go and take a look for your self.

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Recovering, Naturally

I had major abdominal surgery two weeks ago. It was a hysterectomy to be exact. I had done the research and was mentally ready and prepared for this. The surgery, on October 15th, went well, I rested in the hospital for two nights and on the third day, was discharged.

Being home was a relief, but I knew I couldn’t jump into my usual routines. I knew a period of rest was in order for the next several weeks. How can I possibly make the most of this recovery period? To recover as naturally as possible was my answer.

My doctor prescribed Norco for pain relief once I got home. I know this drug has been very good for others in my situation, but when I experienced it in the hospital, it just put me to sleep. Plenty of sleep is important in the recovery process, but I was uncomfortable with the notion of spending my days in bed or walking around with sleepy-head all the time, so I never picked up that prescription. I opted to take Ibuprofen if/when I felt the need.

Since I am already vegan, getting back into my natural foods eating was a given. PB&J sandwiches are easy, toast, cereal, salads, etc… My hubby stayed home for a few days and made me veggie fajitas, potatoes and veggie burritos. When I craved dark chocolate, I ate some, along with french fries and potato chips here and there. I’m no angel. I even indulged in occasional tequila shots.. very relaxing, hehe.. My tummy was all twisted around the first few days, which is completely normal after abdominal surgery. I personally feel that a natural based diet and avoiding meat and dairy allowed me to get back on track there quicker that I would have otherwise, if you know what I mean.

WillGrandmaGrandpa1stBDay My sweet little grandson was having his first birthday celebration at a nearby park just a week after my return home from the hospital. I really wanted to be there. I was feeling better everyday with my person “Natural” approach to recovery and I was pleased with myself when that day finally came and I was able to be there. What a wonderful day! You can see the happy smiles of myself and my husband in this photo.

Everyone’s recovery from any surgery is a unique experience. It was/is important to me to stay as naturally based as possible. So, for my personal experience, this is how I recover and I am pleased that it is working out well. I have my first post-op appointment soon. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I still have a ways to go for full recovery, but I am well on my way to a great natural recovery so far.

By the way, if any of you reading this, are in pre-op or post-op care of your hysterectomy, or even if you are just curious, with question or what-not. I suggest visiting They are a huge, informative forum of woman going through what you and I are. I have gotten a lot of answers to my questions on this site, as many others have as well. They’re great. Visit HysterSisters Hysterectomy

I am a HysterSister

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