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Cold Weather Alternatives for Smokers

e-cigs Soon the weather will begin to get more brisk, and the summer will transition into fall. This can be bad news for smokers who live in colder climates. Gone are the days when smokers dwelt inside. Now most smokers are forced to go outside for a smoke. While this may not be such a bad thing in the warmer seasons, in fall and winter it can be a tremendous inconvenience. 21st Century Smoke e cigs can be a great option for smokers who want to stay indoors.


Most employers’ rules are pretty strict about smoking. You likely won’t be able to do it indoors no matter where you work, but e cigs may keep you closer to the building, so you don’t have to walk as far on snow and ice. You can check with your employer to see if using an e cig indoors would be all right, if you feel that asking would be appropriate.


In your own home, e-cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, because they eliminate the nasty second-hand smoke and smell that traditional cigarettes emit. Electronic cigarette refills can be purchased in a variety of flavors and types, depending on the preferences of yourself and your family. Many apartment managers and landlords will also allow e-cigarettes to be smoked indoors, where they would not allow traditional cigarettes to be smoked.

Social Gatherings

Cigarettes tend to be taboo at many social gatherings these days, whether you’re out at a club or in someone’s home. E-cigarettes can allow you to stay inside and socialize with friends and family while still enjoying a cigarette by itself or with a drink. Liquid vaporizer pens do not require the use of fire or create an ashy mess, so you’ll protect your friends from breathing in second-hand smoke and eliminate the risk of damaging carpet or furniture. Check with the host to see if an e-cigarette would be okay, and it will likely be a great conversation starter with individuals who are interested in your thoughts on e-cigarettes, as opposed to traditional cigarettes.

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Health Risks of Smoking

please do not smoke health risks of smokingI’m frightened for the younger population as I’ve seen an increase in smokers lately. Nearly a third of the people at work smoke and most of them are in their early 20′s to 30′s. I thought we were getting smarter about smoking at this point in time? I guess not. So I wanted to go back and share the message of why smoking is harmful and NOT cool.

Most people begin smoking during their teen years when they don’t mind a little rebellion. But, there are health risks associated with smoking that everyone needs to be aware of before they start. You may be away already, but it seems that the Surgeon General’s warning hasn’t persuaded many to stop smoking. Here we go: One reason is that the main substance in cigarettes, nicotine, is highly addictive. It doesn’t take long to get hooked and it happens without you realizing it. How to remedy this?

Don’t start.

So now the why…. Cigarettes are filled with not only tobacco but other substances that give them their taste and smell, depending on the brand. One puff of that smoke into the air releases thousands of substances both poisonous and carcinogenic (cancer causing). That can’t be good for anyone’s body. Keep reading and you’ll find out what they do more specifically. (Please…..)

* Bad breath – This seems not so important when you are a young kid, but as you grow older it will mean a lot more. Cigarette smokers have sour-smelling breath from the tobacco. Smoking also can dull the taste buds and ruin your sense of taste.

* Gum disease – Smoking contributes to gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums. The gum line can recede causing teeth to become unstable and wiggle. They can also become tender and bleed easily. Like sugary sweets, smoking contributes to the formation of plaque on teeth due to the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Hard, calcified plaque is referred to as tartar.

* Heart disease – People think that the main killer of smokers is lung disease or lung cancer, but it is actually heart disease. Cigarette smoking weakens the vessels of the body, namely your heart. Perfusion (blood reaching all parts of the body) is inhibited, making it easier to suffer a heart attack due to the reduction in blood flow. More smokers die from heart-related disease than lung cancer.

* Cancer – There is more than just lung cancer in this category. Since lungs are directly affected by the poisonous compounds in cigarettes, it is a primary site of cancers. But, smokers may also develop cancer of their tongue, throat, mouth and lips. Removing these cancers can result in deforming surgeries.

* Respiratory illnesses – The most common here is COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and emphysema, a type of COPD. When the lungs are damaged, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is affected. You will see people with respiratory issues on oxygen tanks just to keep their oxygen at healthy levels in their body.

There are many reasons why smoking is not good for your body. It may begin with bad breath and discolored lips, teeth and fingers, but the health risks can become even more severe and life threatening.

It’s hard. I know. But just do it. Just be smoke free and you will add healthy years to your life… I promise!  <3


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